5 Tips to Eat Clean on the Road – Nutrition Notes





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It’s important to understand that eating clean is a CHOICE. Not even planes, trains, and automobiles can stop you–you have to choose to make it work.

All of the following tips work extremely well BUT it’s super important to stay as active as possible! Even 5 minutes of movement go a long way—and you DO HAVE 5 MINUTES; don’t lie.

5 Tips to Eat Clean on the Road

  1. Pack your food on the flight: Your first meal when you travel is the most important meal on the trip. IF you skip it, the stresses of traveling and natural hunger will lead you to something loaded with sugar, fat, salt, and minimum nutrients.
    • I bring my m.e.l.t. lunch box and “to go” Shakeology packets. Click here to get more info on shakeology:  http://www.shakeology.com/melt30workout
    • HEADS UP! Take your ice packs out when going through security and make sure they’re frozen or packed in your checked luggage when you go back through security on your way home!
  2. Grocery shop before and during your trip: Have snacks that travel easily and are readily available (raw nuts, organic beef jerky, celery & carrots, apples, etc.). If your room has a fridge or you can get access to one, buy a cooked chicken, salad etc., from a place like Whole Foods & keep in the fridge. Note: Housekeeping will usually remove any unwanted impulse snacks/drinks from your room refrigerator–it can’t hurt to ask!
  3. Drink LOTS of water from the minute you board the plane until you come home. Water helps balance your body when traveling and will keep you disciplined.
    • Drink hot water! When you travel, whether in meetings or on vacation, there’s more downtime than you think and you’re not in your routine, so you seek comfort by way of eating & drinking. Drinking hot water will provide a healthy response to that need for a stimulus.
  4. Bring a meal replacement shake: I use them for two reasons:
    • To get a quick healthy meal in.
    • To reduce cravings: Sometimes I’ll have it before I go out to dinner to prevent overeating or after dinner instead of a dessert. Click here to get more info on shakeology: http://www.shakeology.com/melt30workout 
  5. Have accountability! No matter who you are, we all do better if we have accountability. Latch onto another co-worker/family member who shares similar goals. Better yet, join my Inner Circle Nutrition Accountability Group so you have LOTS of people sharing your same goals & challenges. Feel free to ask me questions. And always seek support along the way! Get more info here:  https://www.vimify.com/zxog2