Who is Joe Carabase?

Joe became an international best selling author by the age of 24 for his contribution to Total Body Breakthroughs, a book on helping busy people get in great shape in the shortest amount of time possible. This propelled Joe to be recognized by USA Today as one of the World’s Fitness Elite.

Joe quickly became known for helping busy people lose body fat fast. Both local and national businesses started booking Joe to speak at Lunch n Learns, Wellness Initiatives, Company Weight Loss Programs and Annual Conferences.  He has given speeches at companies like Smith Barney Morgan Stanley and the Department of Environment Protection and colleges such as the University of Massachusetts, Manchester College, and American International College. Because of these speeches, event planners and wellness committees started referring colleges to Joe as “America’s fitness coach for busy people.And it’s stuck ever since.

Joe’s workouts have helped busy people of all fitness levels in the US, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Asia and Australia go from where they were to how they want to look in just minutes a day.

In the vast amount of testimonials, you’ll see that Joe’s influence spreads beyond just helping people get a better body in less time, but helping people live better lives.

Joe helps these people in many different ways:

  1. Short weekly emails with non-conventional, extremely efficient workout tips, eating tips and motivational tips
  2. Hundreds of free videos on his popular Youtube channel
  3. Authoring several books including, Get Dress Ready, The 1 Hour a Week Workout, Food Logging Made Simple and co-authoring Total Body Breakthroughs and The Little Black Book of Fat m.e.l.t.ing Workouts.
  4. Consulting with companies on creating and improving corporate wellness programs to boost employee health and increase the bottom line.
  5. Online coaching for everyday people, models and personal trainers. Joe’s exclusive online coaching program has limited openings because he spends a considerable amount of time with each client. Those that get in receive personal blue prints that help them realize results they never knew were possible.
  6. m.e.l.t. Workout, a part underground gym and part small & large group boutique training facility with locations throughout Connecticut.
  7. m.e.l.t. At Home Fat Loss & Strength DVD. Think of it like P90x but half the time with adaptions for people of all levels— not just the extreme fitness enthusiasts but the everyday person looking to look and feel good. It’s even for beginners who need a new program that will work for them.

Joe is a down to earth, passionate personal trainer and a coach at heart. He breaks down the complicated, boring scientific stuff for the person who just wants rapid results now.

Unlike a lot of widely known fitness DVD personal trainers, Joe still works with people of all fitness levels every week, giving him direct access to what struggles and obstacles busy people face.

m.e.l.t. – more energy, less time “M Workout®”


Joe’s m.e.l.t. Workout philosophy is built on a technique he coined called “the m.e.l.t. minimum” or the least amount of time you need to see results fast.

His proven system features his signature 30 minute workouts.

Joe is one of the few coaches who won’t preach what you should do but what will work for you. He believes when you take care of your body, you’ll also improve your self-confidence, mood, relationships and professional career.

Joe coaches people who are perfectly able to sit down and research for hours on fitness and eating correctly. People seek out Joe’s coaching because it is a proven, done for you blueprint where there is no guesswork, just a simple plan.

If you’re looking for a simple system that takes you by the hand and guides you through the process, you should check out the m.e.l.t. At Home Fat Loss & Strength DVD. It’s a compilation of his best work, all in an easy-to-follow at home program.

Thousands of busy people’s transformations have started with Joe’s belief, which is that there is NO perfect time to get started, there will always be a lot going on. You just need to take one small step forward now!

If you’ve ever wondered how some people are able to get in and stay in great shape, while still enjoying free time and great food and drink, you’re in for an authentic breakthrough that will change your life over night.