My Birthday Diet – Nutrition Notes







Hey, what’s up?

My rule of thumb for vacations is to eat and drink what you want, but be as active as possible. When it comes to celebrations (birthdays, holidays, etc.) my rule of thumb is threefold:

  1. Continue your workouts as much as possible
  2. Enjoy food & drink for specific celebrations (it’s NOT open cheat season!)
  3. Manipulate your metabolism through fasting.
    For instance, I had a big birthday dinner last night. I did not hold back and do not regret it. After a big meal, I’ll do a liquid fast until 7/8 pm the next night to give my body the opportunity to utilize all the extra calories I consumed. I’ll do this several times over the course of the holidays or if I’m going to dinner multiple times to celebrate my birthday. And no, “fasting” is not a punishment for eating a tasty dinner. Rather it’s a tool to minimize the damage from that dinner. Its incredible how small tweaks & tools can make a dramatic difference – can’t wait to be sharing this with my Nutrition Inner Circle group that begins at the end of the month! If you want in, hit Reply and send us an email to let us know!

I’m not suggesting you do exactly as I do – you may have other methods that work. For example, you might be comfortable going out to dinner and limiting your indulgences. Whatever works, works—but just be aware of your consumption and realize EVERYTHING counts.

To be entitled is to think you can eat whatever you want all the time and be healthy. And worse, have the body you want.

But if you never indulge and don’t take your foot off the gas every so often, you will feel unfulfilled.

In March we are going to be running a Reboot & Refresh Challenge to get the mind & body reset before bathing suit season. Part of this challenge will be a very specific 3-day cleanse that will get rid of toxins & excess that causes your body internal damage on the cellular level and fat gain.  So keep an eye out for the announcement! And if you are a who has an unlimited or hybrid membership, you get this challenge (but not the cleanse product) for FREE!