Do You Have a Candy Jar in Your Office? – Nutrition Notes









Hey, what’s up?

What the hell?!

Exactly when in life was it decided that it’s a good idea to freely offer sugary crap that tastes amazing, increases your waistline, and decreases your energy, in an environment where you are supposed be productive? When it’s in the company’s best interest for you to be healthy so you can be productive?

Naysayers will respond that it’s okay to treat yourself – it’s just small pieces of candy – or that they don’t care, they only get one life… blahblahblah…but it’s not these people who I try to talk to, because they’re not ready for change. If you’re ignorant to the outcome of eating candy everyday, I can’t help you until you are open to change.

So I’m not here for them. I’m here for YOU.

I’m blown away by our m.e.l.ters, especially those of you in our inner circle nutrition group who battle their temptations everyday.

Here are 3 Ways to Help: