Diet ADD – Nutrition Notes

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Hey, what’s up?

There are SO many dieting options out there.

An easy mistake to make is to try a diet for a few weeks then switch to another and another; jumping from diet to diet (I call it “Diet ADD”) without ever giving any one a chance.

It’s important to first understand that a diet is short-term solution and should have an end goal attached to it; lasting only 21 days or 6 weeks, for example.

I get it–you like variety. And that’s why I often change up the diet of the different challenges we run, depending on the time of year and some other factors.

If you move from diet to diet without building upon the core habits you need to live healthy, you have a problem. The core habits; things like drinking .55 x your body weight in oz of water per day, avoiding processed foods, eating protein at every feeding, eating 5-6 servings of greens per day, and so on–these are things that your body needs to be healthy and should always be on the forefront of your dietary plans.

A lot of different diets work (short term) if you put in the work.

Our members at m.e.l.t. get our m.e.l.t. Meal Plan. It is NOT a diet, but our philosophy of long term eating habits that will not only to help you get in and stay in the best possible shape but also let you enjoy the foods you love every so often.

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