Are You Hungry or… – Nutrition Notes

Stop and ask yourself if you are hungry... or if you are actually thirsty






Hey, what’s up?

I do a lot of 24 hour water fasts.  For about 90% of each fast, I feel fine and don’t suffer from hunger pangs.  And yet, on regular meal days, I’ll feel like I’m starving only a few hours just after eating!

emoji that represents determining if you are really hungry or actually thirsty


What I’ve discovered is that most of the time, I’m just thirsty. Sometimes I’ll be so focused on my work that a few hours will pass without me drinking any water and I’ll start feeling ravenous. When this happens, I’ll pound 32-64 ounces of water and the hunger evaporates!  I’ve learned that when the question is, “Am I hungry…or thirsty?” the answer is usually “thirsty.”

During water fasts, I’m drinking two gallons a day, which explains why I don’t get hungry (or thirsty).

So I encourage you the next time you get hungry in-between meals, drink 18-32 (if not more) ounces of water.  Feed the thirst FIRST! You will probably find that a long, cool drink of water is very satiating!

Two side tips here:

  1. I do not recommend extended grazing or munching on small bites of food over long periods of time. Just take the time to EAT—start to finish—what you plan to eat, and let your body get to work digesting it.
  2. It’s really good habit to drink water BEFORE every meal—especially cheat meals, or meals where you’re starving—so you eat what your body actually needs, not what it wants in the moment.

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