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Happy Monday!

I shared part of this on my Instagram the other day but I had to share it with you guys here too, because this is something I hear/see from m.e.l.t.ers almost daily.

Have you ever had momentum, the kind where you’re crushing it? Then something bad happens when you least expect it and completely knocks you for a loop?

This happened to me just the other day. I was in the 5th and final set of my own strength workout the other day. I had hinged into the SDL then all of a sudden it felt like someone zapped me with high voltage. Interestingly, I happened to have someone filming that set for my Insta story, so you can actually watch the horror happen over on my Instagram account @joecarabase.

After meeting with my girl Colleen at Physical Therapy Plus in South Windsor (who is the best around for physical therapy by the way!), it seems as though I have a micro hamstring tear.

Before this happened, I felt amazing physically and very happy with my progress heading into a photo shoot at the end of the month.

While this injury could have been way more severe, I can’t hinge and need to avoid impact which comes at a time where the plan was to ramp up my training over this next week.

Sometimes, that’s how it goes. Things are on schedule, then an obstacle falls from the sky right in front of ya.

The silver lining is we always have a choice. We can view the obstacle as in the way and feel sorry for ourselves. Or we can view the obstacle as on the way and adjust course.

While modifying movement is one of my specialties, is it ideal? Nope! But whatever.

Maybe this happened so I can learn to be a better coach for you or maybe so I can share this story to help inspire you or someone you know who is facing an unexpected obstacle. Who knows? All I do know is it could be a lot worse. A micro tear to the hamstring is a first world problem, as are so many of the daily annoyances we blow up into world ending problems.

I don’t share details that happen behind the scenes in my business because I just don’t think its professional but at one point early on I got burned pretty badly by someone who I thought was close to me (I am now numb to this)  and a mentor said something to the extent of: “You can’t make it through this business without picking up scars and battle wounds. This is a notch on your belt that will serve as valuable experience for you moving forward.”

I think this advice applies to every other aspect of life. None of us are going to pass through life without hardship, setbacks and just crappy stuff happening.

What if, you (we) took every obstacle as a growth opportunity?

For example, with my micro tear: I am now forced to learn how to continue my training progress without any impact, hinging patterns and anything that requires the hamstring to contract. This will now make me a better coach and leader as I can share with the world.

As it says in the Serenity Prayer:

“Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,

Taking, as Jesus did,

This sinful world as it is,

Not as I would have it,”


No, it’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows. But the sky is not falling either. Finding balance through it all is where the love is. And with love, you find peace–which sure beats anxiety & frustration.

Just remember, if you can look up, you can get up. It’s probably not that bad, or not as bad as you think it is.

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