m.e.l.t.30 DVD

Designed for busy people of all fitness levels to M.e.l.t. body fat fast and tone up now. M.e.l.t.30 features nine comprehensive, yet quick workouts, Belly Fat Melter, Stomach Shredder, Push Sculpt Series, Pull Sculpt Series, Zen Melter, Fat Attack One, Fat Attack Two, Upper-Body Strengthening, and Lower Body Strengthening, all of which you can do anywhere.

Your coach Joe Carabase will push you outside your comfort zone whether you are a beginner, fitness enthusiast, or somewhere in between. Prepare to have fun as you sculpt your body and burn more fat in half the time!

The Belly Fat m.e.l.t.er Workout & The Fat Attack DVD:

Quick and easy to follow, designed to help busy people look better now:No equipment and no gym… this way you can do this program anywhere (basement, park or hotel room) and you can save the drive time to/from the gym. You get two workouts on DVD:


1. The Belly Fat m.e.l.t.er Ab Workout

2. The Fat Attack

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Get both The Belly Fat m.e.l.t.er Ab Workout and The Fat Attack PLUS, and the Zen m.e.l.t.er Workout (total of 3 workouts!)
A total value of 29.99 + Shipping & Handling!

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The Ultimate Belly Fat m.e.l.t.ER Short Cut
Once you get started, you will be amazed at how fast this program helps you shred belly fat.
Get ready to say goodbye to love handles!
You get
-9 m.e.l.t. At Home Workouts 
  • Belly Fat Melter
  • Stomach Shredder
  • Push Sculpt Series
  • Pull Sculpt Series
  • Zen Melter
  • Fat Attack One
  • Fat Attack Two
  • Upper-Body Strengthening
  • Lower Body Strengthening
-The Little Black Book of 31 Fat m.e.l.t.ing Workouts
-The m.e.l.t. Deck of Cards
A total value of $107.00+ Shipping & Handling!

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