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Hey, what’s up?

The supplement industry is a billion dollar industry because most are sold as a “quick fix.” The reality is, no supplement will do anything for you if you don’t work out regularly. While supplements do fill important gaps in your nutrition, having a daily meal replacement shake won’t do much good if you’re also eating fast food and drinking soda daily and having a glass of wine nightly.

When I research and test supplements, I am looking for:

Here are my top 3 Recommended Supplements.

Green Shakes

I LOVE a fresh green smoothie!  There are so many ways to blend together healthy plant foods that taste amazing and make you feel good. I just don’t always have the time to prep the vegetables and don’t feel like buying all the different types because if I don’t use them all, they spoil.

For this reason, supergreens powder is a tool I love because it’s quick and gives you the same benefits. Look, supergreens is flash frozen plant foods–so it’s not going to taste exactly like a fresh smoothie. But I can make it in seconds on the cheap by pouring one scoop in my shaker bottle—that convenience can’t be beat!.I regularly use the Dr. Greens we have at m.e.l.t. and have used Beachbody’s in the past, too.

Supergreens are great to suppress your appetite, help with cravings and give you a ton of nutrients.


Meal Replacement Shakes

Studies have shown that if you replace a meal every day with a nutritionally dense shake you will lose weight because you are only consuming the calories you body needs and no more. As far as meal replacement shakes go, I’d suggest replace the one meal you have the most trouble with (breakfast, dinner, etc.) so it’s a sure fire way to get clean nutrients in your body. I recommend Shakeology, it’s not the cheapest but it is the highest quality and it tastes amazing. I started using it on the show because I had access to it, but quickly found it actually gave me energy and reduced cravings. Then I started to study it and found it has the highest quality nutrient profile out of any meal replacement:

Each shake breaks down to about $4.51, which is actually a great price for all the nutrition you get.

I use both Shakeology Vegan Tropical Strawberry (mixed with coconut water) & Chocolate (mixed with water).


Post-Workout Shakes

You also can have these post-workout as a meal replacement, but there are specific reasons why you’d have this just as a meal and a post workout shake just as a recovery shake. Recovery shakes are designed to help your muscles get maximum absorption immediately post workout so you’re less sore and fatigued so you recover faster where as Shakeology would be a dense nutrition shake to replace a meal.

I use both Doctor’s Vegan protein that we offer at m.e.l.t. and Beachbody’s Recover. I’ve been using Doctor’s products for years now and grew to love it with Beachbody’s Orange Recover since I started using it back in April. Doctor’s is a VERY clean protein and Beachbody’s Recover is also high quality, but Recover has a slightly better recovery profile and tastes better….which is saying a lot because I do enjoy Dr.’s Vegan taste.


Do You Need Them?

I use both Shakeology and Recover. I’d never tell you to use something I do not personally believe in and do myself.

But it’s up to you. You can use one. You can use none.

You don’t necessarily need supplements, but they do enhance your efforts and make it easy to get the right nutrients without spending a ton of time cooking multiple meals and juicing your own shakes.

My recommendation is to do whatever you feel is best for you. It’s my job to show you the best options out there and give you the “why” behind it.

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