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Hey, what’s up?

One fundamental rule of life I’ve found to be true is less is more. That rule is never more evident than in fitness & nutrition; with things constantly changing, there’s inherent pressure to do something new/more every single day.

Outside of drinking at least .55 x your bodyweight in ounces of water per day, the next best “diet” tip you can do is control your trigger food. A trigger food is something that you lack discipline over that will tempt you and take you off your plan.

My trigger food is peanut butter. If I even have a spoonful of peanut butter, a small serving size packet of peanut butter or a scoop of PB2, game over. I’ll have at least three times more of that within the next 60 seconds.

Could I fix my lack of discipline with peanut butter? Yes, of course–but like any issue it takes work. Instead, I’ve found it’s best to have a plan for your trigger foods so you can be in control and then focus on a few extremely effective dietary habits that require little or no work other than going to the grocery store & simple meal prep.

I never buy peanut butter for my apartment but every time I do indulge in something sweet, I make certain it involves peanut butter.

3 Tips to Control Your Trigger Foods

  1. Identify:  What are your trigger foods? What’s the one trigger food you have the most trouble with?
  2. Remove or Isolate:  Get those trigger foods out of your everyday surroundings: “Out of sight, out of mind.” This can be difficult for parents whose kids might eat something they do not want to eat. In these scenarios, isolate those trigger foods in the back of a low cabinet so that the bulk of the kitchen—counter level and above–is a “safe” working zone with no temptations.
  3. Indulge every so often: One reason the Paleo diet annoys the crap out of me is because some people on it act as if they’re Paleo 24/7, 365. That’s a crock of BS. Any meal plan that does not allow you to indulge in what you love, no matter how unhealthy, is destined to fail sooner or later. But to enjoy the proverbial “Have your cake and eat it, too” you need to treat that cake as a reward that happens only after you eat clean for an extended period of time. For beginners, start with 3 days on and one day off—and reward yourself on that one day off.  Remember, though– “reward” does not mean you get to eat cake all day!

By the way, I’ve been referencing “food” here but the same goes for wine, beer, & cocktails.

I’m super excited to be launching a nutrition inner circle for people who want more regular nutrition accountability & coaching! I will be sharing details soon!

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It’s my job as fitness pro to continually research the market and make recommendations for the best products I find.  But just because I recommend something doesn’t mean it’s right for you—we are all different!

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