Simple Solutions to Your Nutritional Problems – Nutrition Notes








Hey, what’s up?

The biggest nutritional problems that hold you back can be summed up into one of the following:


Problem #1:  Eating & drinking too much processed foods that are high in alcohol, carbs, sugars, trans-fats, or sodium.


Simple Solution: Eat only lean proteins, eggs, veggies, fruit, raw nuts and drink water. I know this is an annoying answer but it’s really this simple. 100-calorie packs & Lean Cuisines are not the answer, people! The hard part is doing it, which is where nutrition coaching & challenges come in.


Problem #2:  Eating too few calories.


Simple Solution: Utilize a high tech scale—like our InBody composition analyzer—to get your basal metabolic rate or the amount of calories you body needs to consume each day to function. Next, measure your calories for 3-7 days until you get a good feel for tailoring your consumption to that metabolic rate. Then retest every 3 months (or sooner) when your body and/or energy output changes. Currently our InBody scale is in South Windsor and is FREE for our monthly members to use! For non-members such as family or friends, it’s $30 for an analysis.


Problem #3:  Not actually valuing eating clean.


Simple Solution: Be honest with yourself. It’s okay if you truly don’t value eating clean, but to act as if you do is unfair to yourself as your expectations don’t match your behaviors which will result in you being unhappy. When you really value something, you invest your money & time and it occupies space in your life. How much time and energy do you put into eating clean every day? Do you invest in products like Shakeology that help you lose weight and make better eating decisions? Do you invest in nutrition coaching? At m.e.l.t., you can be a part of our inner circle for only $47 per month or if you’re local, $147 and you get unlimited large group too!


IF you don’t truly value something but need it in your life, you must find a way to link it to what you DO value.  If you honestly don’t value eating clean, you must come up with a list of things that you DO value and link them.  Do you value building an exciting career, yearly adventure vacations, making it to your 50th wedding anniversary, or being here to see your great-grandchildren?  All of those values can be linked to clean eating!

Now, while these are simple solutions, they are not easy. So I’m offering you a hand with our inner circle nutrition group, which will give you a platform to stay accountable and ask questions as stuff comes up. If you suffer from problem #3, however, the fact is only YOU can help yourself.

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