Joe Carabase — SpeakerStudents will not listen to a speaker unless they feel engaged and entertained, not lectured. Joe will help you over deliver and provide an experience that will connect and impact Your Students With His  Simple Yet Effective Strategies To Get in & Stay in Great Shape and Excel Academically.

Speaking Topics

1. From High School to College: How to take care of the Body & Mind on Campus*

Students would learn my 5 Pillar system for college success that will teach them:

2. Crunch TIME! How to Stay Lean During Test Time

Students will learn:

Joe on campus mentoring students after talks

Joe on campus mentoring students after talks

3. Life After Athletics

Mainly, the goal here is introduce (or console) the reality of life beyond college athletics. Too many kids are so focused on their sports, they lose sight of school, careers and how to take care of their bodies after their last season ends.

Students will learn:

Hands on Topics

Joe Carabase College Speaking

Joe teaching Dorm Room Workouts in one of his Hand’s on session to a group of Students after his talk

  1. The Dorm Room Workout: How to drop lbs and Stay Lean without any equipment
  2. Spring Break Ready: How to get in beach body shape, part workout and part nutrition
  3. Power: How to enhance athletic power
  4. Speed: How to enhance athletic speed
  5. Strength: How to enhance athletic strength
  6. 4 Ways to Prolong Your Career and Increase Athletic Performance

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