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Happy Monday!

You’ve been told a million times how fitness is a journey. And it’s true.

But I am also a big believer in “sprints” or short-term challenges. Increasing the intensity of your diet and workout regimen (or of really anything) for a short, set period of time can let you achieve a greater result than you otherwise would see.

Just like an actual wind sprint, you can’t keep that pace all the time – it’s just not possible. But world class sprinters don’t sit on their butts all year and then just sprint for Olympic trials, either.  Each day, successful sprinters train, eat clean, recover, and attempt to gain as much balance as possible, remember above all it’s a journey!

Most sprinters who train their entire lives for Olympics never make the team. Some would say that these athletes “failed” but I’d argue the complete opposite. They trained at a higher intensity, did not qualify; yet had become exponentially better athletes than they were previously.

Michael Phelps didn’t even medal at his first Olympic games, but later went on to become the most decorated Olympian so far in history.  Phelps’ experience in 2000 equipped him with knowledge and confidence; building upon that experience later propelled him to 28 medals.

Sometimes, it’s just not your time. Let’s say you sign up for a challenge and you plan to CRUSH it! Then, a parent gets sick, your kid breaks a leg, your work gets crazy and you’re unable to commit as much as you wanted to.  Events/outcomes come and go, but experiences will last a life time…it’s what you learn about yourself along the way that allows for future success.

Think of “sprints” or short term challenges not as a way to get XYZ result, but as a way to increase your threshold and redefine your standards.

This is why we constantly run challenges for you at m.e.l.t. We know that some people will commit to it 100% and see incredible results. And we also know some people will have good intentions but will not be able to commit 100% and yet they will still come out better than if they hadn’t joined the challenge at all.

Our 4th of July Fat Loss Challenge starts next Monday. Commit yourself to a fitness sprint! Member can sign up and get a huge discount at the front desk. Non members can sign up at the following link!





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