Top 5 Gas Station On-The-Go Foods – Nutrition Notes

healthy convenience food options found at gas stations








Hey, what’s up?

Today I’m going to give you recommendations for those times you are stuck without good options and must rely on convenience foods. These recommendations are NOT rules to live by when grocery shopping–because you m.e.l.t.ers know very well that if you truly want to get and stay lean, grocery shopping & prepping food are nonnegotiable!

Here’s the situation: you’ve been on the road all day, you’re hangry beyond words, you’ve already eaten the cut-up veggies you packed, and the only place you can get food is the gas station you’ve just stopped at. Can you possibly find enough options to fill that hole in your stomach but still keep to your m.e.l.t. diet?  The answer is YES.  In addition to the usual display of fatty snacks that you want to avoid, gas stations everywhere are stocking convenience foods that are healthy options as well.

So what do you look for? Your best choices are (in this order):

  1. Almonds/cashews/pecans/pumpkin seeds – ideally raw and unsalted, but those might not be available. In that case, find the lowest sodium/sugar option.
  2. Lara bars
  3. Quest bars
  4. Kind bars
  5. Beef jerky (lowest sodium option)

And the next time you hit the road, remember to pack yourself a substantial meal substitute, just in case you’re out longer than you anticipate. Don’t get me wrong—veggies are great, but it’s also good to have a healthy meal substitute right at your fingertips than to try and make good decisions when you are starving! And a meal-replacement shake is better than trying to make a meal out of a convenience “bar” any day of the week, because it contains far more vitamins and minerals. My meal replacement shake of choice is Shakeology. Check it out for yourself here:

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