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Hey, what’s up?

There is something you NEED to know.

There is NOT one meal plan, diet, or number of calories that is going to work for you exactly as written – and anyone who tells you so is a liar. I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have to make it work for you. In other words, follow the rules of the plan and adapt as needed for your body, which is different from every other body in the world.

How Many Calories SHOULD You Eat?

There are more than a few ways to calculate calorie intake. But are any methods more reliable than others?

Here is a great example from a m.e.l.t.er in our Inner Circle Nutrition Group. The amount of calories she should eat according to:

had a 200 calorie difference between them!  She wanted to know WHY there was a 200 calorie discrepancy and what she should do.  I LOVE this question because it tells me she wants to learn and she cares, and I love working with people who care. The following is my analysis & recommendation:

  1. The InBody Composition Scale is the most accurate scale you can be assessed on, outside of a clinic/hospital setting.
  2. The quick formula I gave:
    your ideal body weight x [11/12/13]
    (where 11 = not active, 12 = somewhat active, and 13 = very active)

    is a quick and easy way for me to give viewers around the world a rough idea of how many calories to consume. But that formula is far more simplistic than the Inbody scale, which can actually read your muscle, fat, skeletal, and water mass.
  3. If you know both your calorie estimates (based on the Inbody and the above formula) I recommend that you use the discrepancy as a starting point. Your total daily calories should be on the higher end of the discrepancy (as people usually under-eat when they start a fitness program). If that amount is too much, adjust your total calories towards the lower end.
  4. It takes some monitoring and adjusting to get things right for your body, but everything worthwhile takes time and effort!


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